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yvonne 3
I have spent most my life drawing and painting which is why I got into tattooing. I love being able to create art everyday and pride myself being able to design exactly what my client envisioned. I feel very blessed being able to work in a career that I truly enjoy. I particularly enjoy realistic, black and grey work, also fine line work and trash polka styles.
I started my career being a body piercer. Having a love of art it was a natural progression to becoming a tattooist. I enjoy all styles but have a particular love for fine line ornamental designs. Black work and also watercolour.
rosie 1
Before starting my tattoo journey I enjoyed creating mosaics and acrylic paintings. The styles which I enjoy the most are neo traditional and more cartoon style work. I love using colours that compliment each other and have quite a unique style when it comes to creating pieces.
mel 1
Ive always inspired to be a tattoo artist from a young age to introduce the artistic streak into people’s lives, to show that anyone can represent themselves through body art that they can be true to themselves. My desire is to be able to create some awesome, intricate, unique designs for people. I love designing quite geometric pieces, mainly in the form of mandalas, but also incorporating geometric designs into art work that would create something different styles together. All designs are done with a combination of different styles together. I find it’s the most creative way to produce a unique, unusual tattoo.

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