Two Magpies Tattoo Studio

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About Us

The aptly named Two magpies (two for joy) is really what we want everyone to experience.  Art is a very personal thing, everyone sees it differently which is why there are so many different styles and tattooists out there.

We encourage customers to use their own inspiration and imagination to work with us to help create their own individual tattoo. Whether its something that means something very deep and personal or just because they just love the artwork/design.

We love seeing clients come in and enjoy the whole experience of getting tattooed and seeing their own ideas turn into a piece of art work they can keep forever, large or small. Everyone is different and we like to keep it that way by respecting their choice in tattoos and style.


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Great Prices

Friendly, Skilled Staff

We will give you the best advice we can, from the very start to the very end. We will advise on what works well and where, in terms of placement and style.  Also if you need help in bringing many ideas into one tattoo piece or even if you need us to draw up the entire thing.

We have many years and experience and understand the needs of all our clients. We take great care and attention beforehand to make sure we are on the same page as our clients, ensuring they have the best experience with us.


Professional Tattoo Aftercare

We have excellent afercare and use a protective, breathable film that heals your tattoo in much easier, painless and fuss free way. Please ask us for more details on this, if you wish.


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